Propane Services


Delivery of Propane Gas for your heating, cooking, hot water, dryer, fire logs, pool heater and generator. Automatic “Keep-Full” delivery available for heating and hot water customers.


Delivery of Propane Gas for your business heating, restaurant, hot water, industrial or agricultural grain drying operation.


Let Delaware Propane quote you on your next project. For our builders, we supply temp heat tanks and gas at a special “Builders Rate”. Interior gas piping service available at a competitive rate.

Service Plans

Budget Billing

Delaware Propane offers heating customers an easy pay 10 month Budget Plan that spreads your winter heating bill over a 11 month time frame. Level monthly payments allow you to plan and manage your finances more easily, and receive a $0.05 per gallon discount on the cost of propane if you keep your credit card on file to be ran the following day after delivery. Budget plans run June through April

Summer Propane Pre-Buy

Please inquire about our Pre-Buy program in September, which allows a customer to pre-purchase some or all of their winter propane heating requirements at normally lower summer pricing for propane.

Available Tank Sizes

Delaware propane has a tank size to fit any need.
We have 100lb & 200lb tanks and the following:

120 Gallon

When usage is under 200 gallon annually. Minimum usage is 150 gallons annually.

330 Gallon

Annual usage of 200-500 gallons per year. Minimum usage of 400 gallons annually.

500 Gallon

Most common tank size used for home heating. Minimum usage of 600 gallons annually.

1000 Gallon

Used for larger homes & commercial applications. Minimum usage of 1000 gallons annually.

Underground Tanks

Most customers can choose to have their tank installed underground, if credit approved.